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I am happy to share my message on the great occasion launching of this official website for the lawyers community by the Islamabad Bar Council.
With the launch of this website, the Islamabad Bar Council would cater to the professional requirements as a source of easy, inexpensive and paperless information to the lawyers, who want to be enrolled with this prestigious institution as Advocates for subordinate Courts, High Court and even for processing applications for Supreme Court licence.
Apart from informative data, this website aims to facilitate its worthy members and also functioning of the Islamabad Bar Council. Efforts are being made to computerize the records of present and newly Advocates being enrolled with the Islamabad Bar Council for verification purposes. This website also aims to provide online application access to legal community for fresh enrollment in future, which will make the enrollment process easy and fast.
Since the Islamabad Bar Council has recently been establishment, its issues relating to annual budget and transfer of funds from Punjab Bar Council are still in pipeline. I hope, the Islamabad Bar Council would receive its financial assistance.
Let me assure my colleagues and legal fraternity, the Islamabad Bar Council continues its efforts to facilitate its legal community.

Gillani sb

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